Welcome To Our Company


Martello is a young and dynamic company, founded in 2010. Martello is specialised in delivering project and project management expertise.


It is our strong believe that programs and projects have a stronger chance to succeed, if these are managed by individuals who have a large experience in projects of different sizes. Moreover, we are convinced that a project manager (and to an extend the program manager as well) should not limit himself to the actual day-to-day project management, but should develop a sufficient knowledge of the business in which the project or program will be deployed.


Programs and projects are more than IT alone. IT is only a part of the program or project deliveries. Each project impacts your business's products, operations, people and assets. Some change will be automated (IT), but some change will not be developed. It is the task of a project to ensure that all is taken care of.


Martello aims at providing its customers program and project leaders which follow this filosofy.

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